Cheese Ravioli

1 lb. cheese ravioli, pomodoro or marinara sauce, baby greens and a focaccia bread.


Cheese Ravioli special.jpg

Frozen Lasagna

choice of frozen lasagna, baby greens and a focaccia bread


Lasagna special.JPG

Prepared Entree

choice of prepared entree, baby greens, a focaccia bread and 3/4 lb. fresh cut pasta


Prepared Entree special.jpg


package of meatballs in either marinara or pomodoro sauce, 3/4 lb. fresh cut pasta, baby greens and a focaccia bread


Meatball special.jpg



bring in your own container for our marinara or pomodoro sauce (minimum of 16 oz., priced per oz) and receive 3/4 lb. of fresh cut pasta, free