Provisions at Park Rd

Provisions at Park Rd


At our store, we sell not only pasta but also the provisions to go with it. That includes everything from antipasto and breads to sauces and wines. For the cook we stock Italian groceries, such as canned tomatoes from different regions of Italy, including the San Marzano tomato from Campania.

Walk along our old maple floors to browse rows of freestanding racks to discover foods from every region of Italy. You'll find sauces in jars from venerable Italian kitchens, including a spicy puttanesca made with anchovies and chopped tomatoes.

Fifteen olive oils range from extra virgin to coarsely filtered; there are three kinds of capers and thick sweet vinegars from Modena. Bakers know that the double-O Italian flour makes an exceptional pastry; we carry it in one-pound bags. There are jars of Italian clams, bags and boxes of dry pastas in every imaginable shape (including organic pastas), plus anchovy paste, farina, lupini beans, polenta, Arborio rice for risotto, and canned pepperoncini, a Tuscan chili pepper used as a garnish on plates of antipasto.

We also have crackers, crisp breads, and pepper biscuits to serve with appetizers. There are bread sticks and croutons as well as spice packs to make dipping sauces, plus dried figs, Marcona almonds, pine nuts, and preserves made from Sicilian oranges. If it's a specialty Italian food, we strive to have it.