Tony Soprano loved cannoli; Peter Clemenza in The Godfather took them after a crime. "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli," he said. Tubes of pastry are fried until crispy and then loaded with a creamy sweet filling. A favorite ending to an Italian meal, this national passion began in Sicily, the big island off the toe of Italy's boot. Our cannolis are filled with rich, thick pastry cream made from ricotta cheese and flavored with vanilla; a crown of chocolate chips covers one end. If you are craving something sweet, you won't be disappointed.


Desserts in our grocery section include amaretti (a little cookie made with paste from almonds or the kernels of apricots), pizzelles (a molded wheel-shaped cookie), and panettone (a holiday bread with candied fruit and nuts). In the frozen section, don't miss the clamshell-shaped sfogliatelle, a densely layered pastry that is baked and then filled. Traditional Italian fillings include almond paste or orange-flavored ricotta cheese. When available, frosty single servings of lemonicello, a sorbet-like dessert, are kept in the back.

  • Cannoli
  • Tiramisu
  • Almond biscotti 
  • Chocolate biscotti 
  • Almond creme cake (serves 4)